Shandong Feitian Optoeletronics Technology Co.,ltd is a professional research and development, production, sales of laser photoelectric detection system of scientific research driven enterprises. The company has 11 years of technology research and development, product design and complete equipment manufacturing experience. With perfect talent cultivation, advanced technology reserve, efficient management means and excellent service ability, the company ranks in the forefront of the production industry of security perimeter alarm system, intelligent traffic photoelectric detection and induction equipment, and photoelectric detector for automatic control. In 2010, the company introduced the brand strategy and launched the two main brands of "feitian laser" and "FETNLASER", aiming to become a well-known brand in the high-end application field of laser photoelectricity in China in the next 10 years. Feitian laser strictly implements ISO9001 international quality management system and CE certification standard, and constantly develops and optimizes products with technology as the guide. The company's products in a variety of series of perimeter alarm system, laser laser intrusion detector, laser ultra-high, overspeed and the line detection system, such as the laser photoelectric switch a batch of 'high', 'fine', 'tip' products, and has been widely used in energy, transportation, military, justice, wenbo, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises.

Flying the laser operation is stable, safe and reliable products, and constantly for the petroleum and petrochemical pipeline points to lose pressure station, oil storage tank farm, high-speed railway substation, underground parking lot, airport tarmac, prison walls, jail insourcing, power substation, border post alerts, and other areas of the high-end perimeter prevention provide strong support, also for the vast civil photoelectric detection market with qualified products. Along with the company product in each profession application unceasingly thorough, the company strength unceasingly expands, the flying day laser brand influence also unceasingly strengthens!

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