14 years of wind and rain insist, feitian laser based on perimeter alarm, continuous innovation

Release date: 2019-06-12      Editor: shandong feitian

As an industry developed along with the reform and opening up, security industry has successfully realized the leap-forward development of introduction, imitation, innovation and going out from scratch. After 40 years of development, security has provided a safe environment for China's economic development and the realization of the Chinese dream, making China one of the safest countries in the world, which is the most proud achievement of all security people in China.

As a leading enterprise of laser perimeter detection technology in China, shandong feitian laser has been deeply engaged in the security alarm industry for many years. The company's r&d and manufacturing strength has been continuously improved, and it has won high recognition from users and all walks of life by virtue of its stable and reliable product quality and high-quality and careful service. "飞天激光" and "FETNLASER" have become well-known brands of security protection in China, which cannot be achieved without the unremitting efforts of all flying laser researchers, as well as the strong support of national policies and top-level design provided by the government.

Feitian laser is composed of a group of young teams who fight hard, innovate hard, forge ahead and be full of creativity. Under the leadership of the general manager of Mr. Manzhonghua, they have firm faith and consistent goals. 2019, flying laser to intelligent security comprehensive transformation, reflects the general manager of manzhong hua clear goals, layout of the future strategic vision, leading flying laser to become a leading enterprise in the security industry of laser perimeter and laser intelligent traffic security detection industry ambition.

In Luban's hometown, the company casts lean quality with the mind of a craftsman. Feitian laser uses high-quality raw materials and highly efficient intelligent production line. No matter it is a large order or a small batch purchase, it can provide customers with products with good quality and quantity on time.

"Make users feel more secure and society safer" is the responsibility, but also the embodiment of Feitian laser's high quality service concept. Feitian laser deeply explores the application characteristics of various industries, develops and innovates, provides customized products for users, constantly optimizes product performance, upgrades product functions, improves product details, and improves product cost performance, and provides users with diversified alarm solutions.

Based on perimeter alarm, continuous innovation, after more than ten years of exploration and accumulation, laser perimeter anti-theft alarm system, ultra-high vehicle detection and warning system, high-voltage wire damage detection system, laser over the line detector system and other solutions are serving in various fields of society.

After 14 years of precipitation and development, Feitian laser has accumulated rich technology and resource advantages. Marketing team continues to grow, strategic cooperation and product ecological chain continues to improve, has formed a systematic, mature product marketing system.

Today, shandong feitian is combining the security application of various industries to continue innovation, laser perimeter detection and lidar products as the core, products cover technology security, intelligent transportation, safety explosion protection series, industrial automation, lidar and other series of products, the series of products continue to optimize innovation. To serve the society with more advanced technology and products.

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