Introduction of advantages of laser beam technology

Release date: 2019-06-17      Editor: shandong feitian

Shandong Feitian Optoelectronics Technology Co., LTD., after many years of research efforts, successfully solves the problem such as laser stability, safety, adaptability, greatly expand the application in the field of security alarm space, make the products in the detection range, anti-interference and stability is superior to the traditional active infrared correlation all aspects, such as infrared raster detector, so was introduced which is widely used by users from all walks of life and affirmation, has been successfully applied in the airport, subway, border, large projects focus on equipment, all kinds of training, factory perimeter protection airport, farms, etc. It is an important intrusion detector in the field of modern security.

Long detection range and low false alarm rate

Compared with similar active detection systems, the laser intrusion detection system has significantly enhanced adaptability to harsh climate environment. The power density of laser beam is large, the divergence Angle is small, the beam is concentrated, and the direction is good. Under the condition of using the same power device, the power density of target receiving laser beam is several times of infrared light-emitting diode beam at 100 meters, so the ability of penetrating rain, snow, fog and sand is strong, which greatly reduces the false alarm rate.

Strong anti-interference, no interference to other equipment

The laser alarm system has strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, and has no electromagnetic interference to the region and equipment outside the warning laser beam propagation path. Since the laser divergence Angle is small and the beam is concentrated, the beam is only transmitted in closed circuit. When multiple laser detectors are transmitted in the straight direction or at a small turning Angle, there is no cross-talk phenomenon generated by infrared detectors, so as to eliminate the leakage alarm generated by infrared detectors at this time. No light scattering and pollution to the surrounding environment.

Strong defensive

1. Continuous cross defense can be implemented without mutual interference.
2. Multiple independent beam plane and spatial stereo distribution can be implemented.

Wide adaptability

1. The response time of laser intrusion detector can be adjusted between 10ms-500ms (the response time of similar active detectors is between 50ms-500ms), and the response time can be adjusted according to different field environment of equipment installation, so as to adapt to a wider range of environment.
2. It can work normally at -40°C ~ 70°C without any electric heater.
3. The output of the laser alarm system is no potential contact, which is compatible with other systems.

Accurate location

Generally, the laser alarm system on the perimeter will divide the defense area into several defense areas. Once there is an alarm in a certain defense area, the laser alarm system on the perimeter will immediately send the defense area with an alarm to the alarm host, so as to achieve the precise positioning function.

Linkage alarm

Laser correlation perimeter alarm system linkage alarm function, once have illegally broken into our protection area, so the laser correlation perimeter alarm system for surrounding monitoring, automatic steering alarm area, center monitor screen automatically switch to the alarm protection zones, hard disk video recorder automatically recorded in the protection zones image, the scene lights superintendent.

Extensibility is strong

The laser perimeter alarm system adopts the active laser multi-beam detection equipment set at the perimeter of the guard area and used in conjunction with the guard area closed-circuit television monitoring system, so the laser perimeter alarm system has strong expansibility.

Wide usage

It can be widely used in railway, subway, factory and mining enterprises, oil fields, oil depot, Treasury, wharf, library, bank, electric power station, museum, exhibition hall, college, hotel, breeding farm, airport, prison, military center, armory, frontier defense, coastal defense and other indoor and outdoor security protection places.

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