14 years focus on quality, shandong feitian laser - basic type laser intrusion detector

Release date: 2019-06-20      Editor: shandong feitian

14 years focus on quality, shandong feitian laser - basic type laser intrusion detector

Basic type laser intrusion detector is shandong feitian's first independent research and development production laser perimeter alarm products, full range of products took the lead through the ISO9001 international quality system certification and 3 c certification, after 14 years of sedimentation and development, technology innovation, and upgrade the product performance is stable, and combining with the characteristics of the application of various industries has formed into a system of system solutions. Shandong feitian laser has always adhered to the enterprise mission of "making users more secure and society safer", based on perimeter alarm and continuous innovation.

The appearance of shandong feitian laser basic XD series laser intrusion detector makes up for the deficiency of traditional perimeter alarm protection system greatly, and can better meet the application demand of perimeter protection. With stable and reliable product quality and quality careful service to win the majority of users and the community highly recognized. Has significant performance advantages:

1. Accurate zero false alarm: original PWM laser light source modulation technology, accurate detection distance, strong penetration, can adapt to rain, fog, frost, snow, sand and other bad weather.

2. Anti-strong light interference: the receiver adopts professional narrow band filter + bandpass filter technology, which can effectively filter 99% stray light from the outside world, and is not disturbed by sunlight, searchlight, automobile strong light and other light sources.

3. Optical path stability: independently developed the patented laser module technology, quick and convenient dimming, the original optical path self-locking function to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

4. IP67 protection grade: aluminum alloy shell fully sealed dustproof, waterproof, insect-proof, anti-dismantling design, stronger environmental applicability.

5. Multi-level response adjustment: the alarm response time is adjustable in five levels, which can be used in various application environments to meet a variety of alarm requirements.

6. No light pollutiontype one safety grade, Class Ⅰ, no harm to the human body.

7. Convenient maintenance: no disassembly design, laser tube plug installation can be replaced without removing the shell.

8. Long lifeIt adopts imported semiconductor laser from Germany, light source pulse code, constant power control, service life up to 10 years.

With the continuous optimization and upgrading of shandong feitian laser basic laser intrusion detector combined with the market application, the market prospect and products are more and more widely used, which have been praised by both the engineers and users. Moreover, the products tend to be more and more intelligent and convenient. From the initial single working mode to the present multiple working modes are available for selection, which is more suitable for various use environments. In addition, the response time can be adjusted in multiple levels, and the response time can be adjusted according to the on-site demand of users, which is better applicable to a variety of occasions.

Shandong Feitian XD series laser intrusion detector has strong compatibility, which is compatible with most of the alarm hosts in the market, and can be linked with some linkage modules to drive alarm signals, lights and even cameras. This perfect combination makes perimeter alarm intrusion technology more intelligent, convenient and humanized. Now it is widely used in petroleum and petrochemical, railway transportation, judicial prison, parking lot, airport apron, detention house internal security, power substation, border guard guard and other fields.

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