Single beam laser overheight vehicel detection

Laser beam has high transmit power density, small divergence Angle, concentrated beam and good directivity,Strong ability to penetrate rain and fog.Installed in Bridges, tunnels, urban viaducts and highway intersections, it is used to detect the passing ultra-high vehicles, and the real-time signal of ultra-high vehicles can be detected through the intelligent all-in-one machine to realize the linkage capture of ultra-high vehicles.Installed on both sides of the road, the resulting laser rays will not collide with vehicles and other hazards. It has the advantages of precise detection, flexible use and long life.

1.The response speed is fast: the response time is up to 3ms, and the ultra-high vehicle speed of 200 kilometers can also respond quickly.
2.Strong compatibility: standard switch signal output, can be linked with the scene sound and light alarm, LED warning screen, capture camera, alarm host and other equipment.
3.High security: the detection height is unlimited, flexible installation; night vision laser warning line, compared to the traditional height limit rod to avoid accidents.
4.A wide range of applications: can be widely used in high-speed entrances and exits, ship locks, tunnels, bridges, urban elevated and other fields.
5.Detection accuracy zero false positives: original PWM laser light source modulation technology, detection distance is far, penetrating power, can adapt to rain, fog, frost, snow, sand and other bad weather.
6.Super anti-interference ability: the receiving end uses professional narrow-band filter + band-pass filtering technology, effectively filtering 99% of the stray light in the exclusion zone, free from sunlight, searchlights, car glare and other light sources.
7.IP67 protection grade: aluminum alloy shell is completely sealed and dustproof, waterproof, insect proof, tamper-proof design, and the environment is more adaptable.
8.Long-lasting life: the use of imported German semiconductor laser, light source pulse coding, constant power control, service life of up to 10 years.

1.Fast response: fast response
2.Unlimited height: high safety
3.Strong compatibility: strong compatibility
4.Wide application: wide application field
5.Accurate detection: accurate detection with zero false alarm
6.Anti-interference: super anti-interference ability
7.IP67 protection grade
8.Durability: long life