XD-B floor type 10 beam laser intrusion detector

Floor type laser intrusion detector specially designed for empty no area of the fence to prevent, installed directly fixed on the ground, using the multiple correlation structure, based on multichannel invisible beam line, to each detector to prevent unit, can deploy continuously and direct drive the acousto-optic alarm device. The product has a strong resistance to cold and heat, electromagnetic radiation, anti-stray light interference and adapt to wind, rain, sand and fog and other bad weather ability,has been widely used in prison detention centers, railway platforms, ports, borders, troops coastal defense, open field and other perimeter areas with high level of protection requirements.

Download parameters
Product parameters
Product model:XD-B50/100/200/300/400/500JL
Laser wave length:650nm, 808nm, 980nm
Alert distance:0-500m
Product dimension:100mm (L) × 100mm (W) × 2000mm (H)
Protection level:IP67
Material:304 (316)stainless steel shell
Product features
1.military quality:Public security system perimeter defense project designated Fetnlaser Brand
2.Safety and stability: selected high-quality 2.5mm thickness 304, 316 stainless steel shell, corrosion resistance, fadeless effective impact resistance and external damage
3.Flexible customization: the height of the guard, the number of beams and the surface spraying process can be flexibly customized according to customer requirements.
4.Beam independent identification: each beam uses different frequencies to independently identify and receive laser signals to avoid external environmental interference and laser beam crosstalk caused by omission, false alarm.
5.initiate front dimming:Front dimming design, to solve the installation of dead angle lead to debugging is not convenient technical problems
6.Field acousto-optic alarm: high decibel acousto-optic warning light is optional to realize field acousto-optic alarm.
7.Super lens: closed area expanded four times than traditional products: light receiving condenser lens using Φ 60 mm high, greatly improve the ability of condenser.
8.long life:It adopts imported semiconductor laser from Germany, light source pulse code, constant power control, service life up to 10 years.

1.Quality: military quality
2.Stability: effective resistance to impact and external damage
3.Customization: flexible customization
4.Independent: beam independent identification
5.Adjustment: front dimming design
6.Alarm: sound and light alarm
7.Large lens: greatly improves the ability to focus light
8.Durability: long life
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