Laser linear radar vehicle overheight detector

With the rapid development of road traffic, more and more Bridges and tunnels are being built. Ultra-high vehicles causes the damage of Bridges and tunnels of the accident, ultrahigh laser radar vehicle detection the necessity of the construction of early warning system has a strong, high vehicle detection warning system is to use modern detection means to improve the safety of road running, effectively avoid ultra vehicles entering the road traffic accident, accurately detect vehicles super high and guide the vehicle safe driving route, warning, and capture the scene in time to improve the traffic efficiency, eliminate traffic hidden trouble, convenient for illegal management, is the escort of road traffic. Now it is widely used in the protection of important traffic facilities such as Bridges, tunnels, urban viaducts and expressways.

Download parameters
Product parameters
Product model:FT-JGCC-A30
Laser wave length:905nm
Alert distance:0-30m
Absolute precision:2cm
Working voltage :DC12V±10%
Product dimension:215mm(L)×110mm(W)×90mm(H)
Product features

1. Fast response speed: high frequency laser pulse, ultra-high vehicle speed of 120KM/h can be accurately detected.
2. High detection reliability: the measurement results are accurate and reliable through high-speed DSP calculation of the beam.
3. Intelligent scanning zero false alarm: according to the intelligent calculation and analysis of object size and moving range, the false alarm caused by small animals can be excluded, and it can run stably in rain, snow, fog and other environments.
4. Lane separation independent detection: intelligent lane separation accurate detection, detection distance up to 30 meters, can achieve segmentation alarm.
5. Automatic memory function: automatically save parameters during operation, without loss when power is cut off, and continue to detect after power is restored.
6. Easy installation and debugging: the alarm area can be set with one click, and the wall-mounted universal adjustable bracket can be selected for installation.

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