XH-B two beams infrared intrusion detector

In order to meet the increasing security demand in the market, shandong feitian laser brainstorm, overcome numerous difficulties, developed an infrared perimeter intrusion detection burglar alarm.Adopt the structure design of shooting, and provide powerful protection for the perimeter through the way of beam blocking and alarming!

At the beginning of the design, this product has fully taken into account the extensive, practical, systematic, durable and various emergencies and problems encountered in the use of perimeter anti-theft alarm system, and has multiple technical advantages.

Download parameters
Product parameters
Product model:XH-B
Alert distance:150m
Working voltage:DC12-24V
Protection level:IP65
Product features

1. ABS material: made of ABS engineering plastics, it features high density, strong toughness, high temperature resistance, uv resistance and strong light resistance.

2. Optical focusing, strong concentration: adopt advanced convex lens and two-element aspheric surface second-focusing optical lens to realize large-caliber light column.

3. Four-phase frequency modulation and anti-false alarm: adopt digital frequency conversion technology to automatically adjust the transmitting power according to the change of external environment, so as to ensure the stable operation of the product in bad environment.

4, precise signal, intensity display: the new digital frequency conversion is digital tube display signal strength, more intuitive and convenient.

5, IP65 protection: fully sealed design, protection level up to IP65, rain and snow weather normal use.

6, anti-white light interference: built-in strong light filtering system, anti-strong light, avoid the impact of sunlight or car lights.

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