XH-F*D four beams infrared barriers

Shandong feitian laser has carried on the thorough research to the needs of users, from the user's Angle to think, understand the needs of users, and grinds only through unremitting efforts, broke through the maze, and finally developed a can meet the demand of users more infrared products: intelligent frequency conversion type infrared barriers detector.

Download parameters
Product parameters
Product model:XH-F*D
Alert distance:100m
Working voltage:DC12-18V
Trigger time:35ms
Environment Temperature:-35℃-65℃
Product features

1. Excellent material: high quality glass fiber board can give full play to the performance of each component and reduce the incidence of PCB dry fracture.

2. 360° rotation and debugging: it adopts the infinite choice joint design, which can rotate 360°. With the built-in sound and light proofreading function, it can flexibly deal with the Angle challenges of different environments without worrying about the alignment problem during installation.

3. IPX6 protection: adopt "zero screw" environmental protection innovative sealing and waterproof design, and the protection grade reaches IPX6

4, durable: the grating is made of aluminum alloy outer tube, and the surface is processed by electrophoresis technology, which not only makes the surface harder, but also has excellent oxidation resistance and aging resistance.

5. Efficiency doubling: the built-in thickened copper core can speed up the efficiency by 40%

6. Industrial-grade components: have good high-temperature and low-temperature resistance, give full play to their performance and operate normally.

7, stable operation: stable use of the SMT process technology, high assembly density, electronic products small volume, light weight, high reliability, strong seismic capacity, solder joint defect rate is low, high frequency characteristics, reduce electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

8. Anti-stray light: professional infrared optical lens with strong anti-interference and good anti-false alarm ability.

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