Farm Security Electronic Fence Energizer Protecting Livestocks And Animals

By controlling the pulse generator to generate a high voltage pulse,Periodic outputThe high-voltage pulse is transmitted to a closed area enclosed by the front-end conducting cableIt can effectively block the movement of animals in and out of the areaWhen the animals in the area get close to the front-end conductive cable, they will be hit by a high pressure. After the animals are hit, they will form a conditioned reflex and only move in the area.When animals outside the area want to invade animals inside the area, they will also be blocked by conductive cables and hit by high pressure, thus greatly reducing the loss caused by the escape of animals.Pasture energy controller with its unique advantages, widely used in fish ponds, orchards, grasslands, forest farms, zoos, chicken houses, farms and other animal husbandry bases.

Download parameters
Product parameters
Product model:XK-6
Power supply:12V(Power adapter 100-240VAC input /50Hz.)
Output voltage:9KV/12KV
Pulse frequency:1.5s/2.5s
Maximum Output Current:200mA
Output energy:2.4J
Max wire length:40KM
Product features

1.Power supply mode: adaptor (voltage range 110VAC-240VAC); DC12V battery; Solar panel power supply
2.Working mode selection: 1.5s and 2.5s are free to switch; Day and night intelligent automatic recognition, working mode can automatically switch; the output energy can be adjusted;
3.The LCD displays the working status of the host (output voltage, input power, pulse cycle, working mode and etc.), LED indicator power supply and output voltage strength;
4.The controller is waterproof and dustproof.
5.The host is equipped with wireless remote control function, supports remote setting operation, and the wireless frequency is 433MHz, 1527 code, which can be matched with the remote control of this frequency code. (Optional)

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