Intelligent security area radar

1.intelligent active, three-dimensional defense: radar active warning, linkage video alarm, real-time target locking, recording alarm information, access to the control center, video and radar and other multi-technology integration to establish a three-dimensional defense system

2.No fear of wind and rain, all-weather protection :IP67 can protect against severe weather such as rain, snow, fog, haze, sand and dust, and can provide real-time protection for 7×24H.

3.intelligent perception, intelligent recognition: intelligent algorithm, accurate detection, no fear of any camouflage.It can effectively distinguish and filter people, cars, trees and other targets to reduce false alarm.

4.Multi-objective, rapid positioning: scan the monitoring environment no less than 10 times per second, support the ability of simultaneous detection and tracking of up to 32 targets, and at the same time the radar supports synchronous output of 10 targets, so as to provide the most accurate detection results in the shortest time.

5.system integration, strong intelligence: independent research and development can achieve large-scale security integrated comprehensive management of the efficient platform, effective alarm linkage mechanism, support a variety of network access, compatible with the market mainstream equipment.

6.Target locking and track tracking: the specific information given by the radar is used to coordinate the camera to locate, zoom and lock the tracking target.

Download parameters
Product parameters
Product model:SY-SR100
detection range:100m
Radar sensor:FMCW
detection rate:99% (RCS1m person, minimum detection speed 0.5m/s)
Recognition speed:0.3m/s~30m/s
Radar target data:Distance, direction, Angle
Product features

Traditional perimeter security systems (physical guard fence, fence, and electronic fence, vibration sensors, video, etc.) or affected by the optical visibility, or affected by the bad weather (wind, rain, snow, fog, hail, dust, etc.), or affected by the complicated environment (small animals, weeds, trees, etc.), so that security system high non-response rates, high rate of false positives, unable to accurately detect moving target distance, Angle and speed information, such as useless.

Regional intelligent active security alert series adopts the fusion of new regional radar technology and video analysis of the hot mechanical vision intelligence in the industry. Multiple sensors are calibrated together to realize regional security alarm.

Regional security radar sensors to detect early warning after target into the sector, at the same time, through to the target distance, Angle and speed measurement to determine the accurate target location, machine vision and fusion for target review video analysis technology, the algorithm filtering function to determine whether people's movement, the biggest possible to reduce false alarm.

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