XP series four beam laser grating

Laser grating detector is our company's new generation of security products, technical level in the industry leading position.This product is composed of the main rod and the subordinate rod pair, using the characteristics of strong laser penetration, strong anti-interference, through more than two laser rays constitute a stealth defense plane.When the human body crosses the plane to block any two adjacent laser lines, an alarm signal will be produced.It is widely installed in the doors and Windows of buildings, balconies, walls and other positions, and is a professional level guard equipment to prevent thieves from leaving the door.

Download parameters
Product parameters
Product model:XP-B100D
working voltage:DC12-24V
working current:Transmitting Terminal 60mAMAX
Alarm output:N.C./N.O.
working temperature:-35℃~ 65℃
Protection level :IP67
Product features
1.Outdoor installation without fear of damage

It can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and it can give an immediate alarm to the damage behaviors such as deliberate disassembly, circuit cutting and short circuit.

2.Airtight design faces the snow

Fully sealed aluminum housing, one piece fully sealed design, no fear of rain, snow, frost, fog, moisture and other harsh environment

3.Stable operation without interference
Buy imported devices, professional design, precision optical devices, innovative program design, eliminate strong light and electromagnetic interference, 24H super stable operation.

4.Accurate detection of false positives is lower
At the same time, the warning mode of blocking two adjacent beams can effectively eliminate the false alarm phenomenon caused by birds, butterflies and fallen leaves when the area blocks the infrared ray of a single beam.

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