pulse electronic fence

The pulse electronic fence is one of the most practical and advanced perimeter guard and alarm systems in the world.

Applicable to enterprises and institutions, factories, warehouses, substations, water plants, power plants, schools, as well as airports, military bases, government agencies, key cultural relics protection units and other places.

Download parameters
Product parameters
Product model:XK-DZ8001
Alarm output:NO/NC optional
Environmental temperature:-10℃~ 50℃
Environmental humidity:40%-70%RH
Operating voltage:AC220V or DC 24V
Product features

1.Convenient control: built-in network module can realize network transmission and software direct control

2.Convenient management: through RS485 bus control, keyboard, computer, network and other far beyond the centralized management scheme

3.Multi - shift: adopt multi - shift high and low voltage manual switch design, the remote device has automatic switch function

4.Automatic detection: realize short circuit, broken wire, anti-disassembly, contact network, anti-shear alarm, automatic detection of equipment fault

5.Avoid bypasses: Effective detection of wire bypasses (equipotential bonding) behavior of intruders

6.Clear at a glance: 4.7-inch LCD screen is adopted, which can directly reflect the working state of the host, the address of the defense area, voltage value and other information at a glance.

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