Platform crossing line protection alarm warning system
With the continuous progress and rapid development of the railway industry, China's passenger volume increased, from the other hand, the personal safety of passengers brought a severe test.Personal injuries, such as falling off a platform or being scratched by a train, can cause delays and serious life-threatening injuries.In view of the above situation, shandong feitian photoelectric technology co., ltd. launched the "platform crossing line protection warning system."The system has platform intelligent radar crossing detector, center software, IP network voice reminder and other functional parts.Platform intelligent radar line-crossing detector carries out real-time detection on the train and passengers approaching the station. The detection signal is transmitted through TCP network to the central software, which carries out logical analysis and judgment, and prompts and shouts for passengers crossing the line through IP network voice reminder, so as to protect the safety of passengers and the order of the platform.1 personality Settings, click on me.
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